Bruce and Christine’s Zanzibar Holiday

Bruce and Christine’s Zanzibar Holiday

Bruce Salt and his wife Christine travelled to Zanzibar for their honeymoon. Here’s their “Travel Story”

Zanzibar is known for its pleasant weather, beautiful beaches and warm tropical waters. Imagine lazy days along stretches of white sandy beaches, exploring nature, and embarking on island adventures. Zanzibar is a popular romantic destination for honeymooners and married couples alike.

What makes Zanzibar an ideal holiday destination?
The exotic natural beauty, tropical conditions, warm water and friendly people. It is not as commercialised as other Indian Ocean Islands.

What is your favourite memory of your time in Zanzibar?
Definitely our day trip with SafariBlue where we went sailing and snorkelling, followed by a delicious seafood lunch on a small island. We had all the seafood and tropical fruits you could imagine.

Two must-see attractions?
Prison Island and a day trip ocean safari with SafariBlue.

Which words would you use to describe Zanzibar?
Secluded, tropical, exotic and warm water.

Describe the food in Zanzibar?
Great seafood, especially the varieties of fresh fish and the different types of tropical fruits.

What are your top three travel tips for first-time travellers visiting Zanzibar:

  • Book a resort on the Northern part of the island
  • Do a day trip with SafariBlue
  • Book a fully inclusive package, it makes for a budget-friendly holiday

Have we sparked your interest? Here’s everything you need to know about Zanzibar.

  • The locals – Zanzibar is primarily Islamic which is unmistakable in the lifestyle of the local people and the style of everything, from jewellery, to fabric, furniture, and crafts.
  • Language – The locals speak Swahili which is predominantly spoken in the African Lakes area. The official language is Swahili, but many Zanzibaris also speak French, Italian, English, or Arabic.
  • Safety – Zanzibar is considered as one of the safest African destinations to visit, even for females who travel solo. Zanzibar is also ranked number one for the most peaceful countries in East Africa.
  • Best time to visit – From June to October, during the drier months of Spring or December to February when the weather is dry and hot.
  • A bit of history – Zanzibar has a vibrant history and rich heritage that is accompanied by strong Indian, European, Arabic, African, and Persian influences. The unique history adds a lively element to the island.
  • Spicy – Zanzibar is legendary as the spice island because of the farming and processing of fragrant spices like turmeric, lemongrass, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg. You can take a tour to the spice plantations to learn more about the history and processing of these crops and their culinary and medicinal uses.
  • Dhow Countries Music Academy – is an excellent place to visit if you want to experience the local music scene. The local music style is called Taarab and is a mix of classical Swahili percussion, rhythm, and poetry that is infused with various influences from Africa, India, the Middle East, and the West.
  • Storytelling – Whether you are walking the cobbled alleys of historic Stone Town’s old quarter, or booking a Prison Island tour, there are plenty of opportunities to engage in that tell the story of Zanzibar’s unbridled and long history.


We hope you have enjoyed reading all about Bruce and Christine’s holiday experience and that it has answered some of the questions you may have about this popular island.

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