Yes, You CAN Travel On A Budget In 2022!

Yes, You CAN Travel On A Budget In 2022!

Just because money is tight, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel on your holiday! It is very much possible to travel on a budget. We present you with our top 10 tips to travel cheaply:

1. Use A Travel Agency

Your best bet for travelling with a budget is to head to a travel agency. Travel agents make your budget work for you as they know which destinations will fit within your plan. Amazing Holidays offers competitive deals and packages and will sort everything for you! If you are looking for a budget-friendly, stress-free way of travelling, contact us today.

Have A Set Itinerary & Choose Your Destination Carefully

2. Have A Set Itinerary & Choose Your Destination Carefully

When you are planning your holiday, ensure that you take time to work out an itinerary well before your departure date. Spontaneity is great but will often cost you more than if you planned your trip in advance. Research and choose your destination carefully, as certain places will naturally be more expensive than others. If you have multiple destinations on your bucket list, start with the one that best fits your current budget. The value a travel agent can add here is priceless, and will save you an immense amount of time and effort.

3. Travel Time

A big tip for saving money is travelling out of season. Not only will you not have to deal with overcrowded streets and attractions, but you will save a fair amount of money. Flights will usually be cheaper and accommodations often up their charges in busy months due to high occupancy levels. Stick to low and shoulder seasons to find the best discounts and special offers. Avoiding peak time travel is sure to get you more bang for your buck.


4. Visa-Free

The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned holiday cash on visas. The good news is, you don’t have to! There are many excellent destinations that one can visit without needing a visa, like Maldives, Zanzibar, Mauritius and Brazil, to name but a few. Travelling visa-free is an excellent way to save some money that can go towards your holiday expenses and spending money.

5. Getting To Your Destination

The mode of transport to your destination can often be one of the biggest costs of your holiday. If you are travelling locally, check with your travel agent whether a flight or car rental will be cheaper than driving with your own car. Alternatively, check which other transport options are available, like buses and trains.

If you are travelling internationally, this will most likely be by air. Booking in advance can be a big money saver, and will also afford the opportunity to have a bit more left in your budget for accommodation costs and spending money. A big tip for travelling by air is to compare different airlines, but also the prices for different days of the week. Midweek flights are usually the cheapest.


6. Accommodation

Saving on accommodation doesn’t mean that you have to stay in a dingy, run-down hotel, or an overcrowded hostel. There are a few practical ways to find good accommodation on a budget. First, always head to a travel agent – not only do they often have the best deals, they have long standing relationships with accommodations that can get you extras you would normally have to pay for, like free upgrades. This results in better value for money.

Choosing your accommodation type smartly is another way to save up. If you’re a group or family travelling together, consider booking self-catering accommodation or a shared holiday villa. You can split the costs evenly, while saving on expenses like dining. Take turns to cook your own food, or eat at local restaurants – this will save you from overpriced hotel cuisine.

Time and location matter. If you are travelling during the off-season, there will usually be specials, like free upgrades, to take advantage of. Consider staying further away from the main tourist attractions or city centres. It might mean a little bit more travelling time, but it can reduce your accommodation costs by as much as 50%!

7. Tourism

Visiting popular tourist attractions can be a tricky one. Often the prices are overinflated, and the destination is overcrowded. Spend some time looking online and in-person once arriving for deals on tourist attractions. Or head to a travel agency for advice on this. Avoid tourist traps by doing proper research and asking locals. And, of course, look for free things to do in your area! Often, national galleries and museums are free of charge or have cheap entrance fees.

Travelling At Your Destination

8. Travelling At Your Destination

Moving around once at your destination can cost a pretty packet as well. Where possible, use public transport instead of taxis. Public transport methods will usually have options for daily, weekly, or monthly tickets, which will work out cheaper than purchasing one ticket at a time. The biggest money saver, however, is to walk! Walking not only saves money, but it also offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, and experience life as a local.

9. Walking Tours

That leads me on to my next point: walking tours! If the destination allows, taking walking tours is an exciting and cheap experience to explore. The travel guides are often passionate locals who know the area the best and want to share their knowledge with you. This results in a more personal experience than if you were to take a group tour through a big company.

Small Tips

10. Small Tips

Getting travel insurance may seem like an extra expense, but it ensures that if there are any unexpected events during your trip, or you need medical attention while travelling, you won’t have to spend huge amounts, and you can claim it back later.

Getting a local sim will save costs on data and make paying for Wi-Fi unnecessary.

ATMs can be quite pricey when it comes to ATM and currency conversion charges. Try to take out more cash less often, and at the hotel, settle your charges in one payment upon check-out.

Get local experiential, entertainment and logistical recommendations from locals – they know the area the best!

Pack light, but properly. Make sure you have something for all possible weather outcomes. This will ensure that you don’t have to spend money on buying new items while on holiday.

There are many ways to save both a little and a lot when travelling. Follow these tips or contact us at Amazing Holidays for bookings and advice. We are happy to help! Happy holidaying on a budget.

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